Life elevated Life,elevated.

About the ordinary. Above the ordinary.

It rises, unique level by unique level, marking its place on the North Fremantle landscape. Arise isn’t a building. It’s a sculpture made of stone and glass that emerges from the land and reaches for the sky. A sculpture that’s home.

Look in any direction and hold your breath. The panoramas will do their best to take it away. On one side, a single cloud floats above a rolling sea of greens and blues. Turn your head and there’s the river lit by a waking sun.

This is life, elevated.


Up there for living. Up there for living.

The view inside your apartment or townhouse is no less enchanting. Surfaces are finished in stone hewn from the walls of an Italian volcano. Fittings and appliances wouldn't be out of place in a gallery.

What lies without is just as well considered as what lies within. The heated infinity pool overlooking the Swan. The well-stocked provedore. The attentive concierge.

Everything you might expect and then some.

In high demand. In high demand.

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